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ADC V105 – find out more in this video

ADC external Oral suction V105 is a mobile dental electric suction machine, which quickly filters spray, aerosol, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances during the treatment, by utilizing the high negative pressure produced by a brushless direct current motor.The unit is extremely portable and quiet while in use.

Scientific studies on amalgam removal have suggested that dentist, staff and their patients can be exposed to higher than normal levels of potentially harmful viruses, bacteria, mercury vapor and other contaminants. Placement and removal of amalgam fillings are common dental procedures that are not always performed safely. Our system offers immediate chair-side defense providing a safe worry free environment for your dental office.


Listed below are a few of these contaminants:

  • Bacteria & Viruses from High-Speed Drilling or Ultrasonic Scaling

  • Mercury Vapors from Amalgam Removal

  • BPA particulate from composites

  • Noxious Chemical Disinfectant Odors & VOC Gases

  • Smoke Plume during Dental Laser and Electrosurge Procedures

  • Air Abrasion and Microetching Dust


ADC V105 – Installation Video


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