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Deluxe, ultra-high-output, full spectrum curing light. Complete Kit Includes: Curing Light, 8mm Light Guide, Light Shield, Charging Base, Power Transformer

1 Year Limited Warranty, 2 Year Limited Warranty on Battery, No Warranty on tips, bulbs, or parts

Product Features

Cures Capabilities

Super High Output (2,100 mw/cm2 ) for super fast curing. (3 seconds up to 3 mm), full spectrum broadband curing. Both blue and violet wavelength range of 390 – 480nm, and 4 curing modes – Standard, Ramp and Boost

Battery Life

High capacity battery – best battery in the business (2 year warranty) get over 1 hour of curing time on full battery charge (that is 1,200 three second cures on one battery charge)

Fast Charge

Charging base with built-in testing device. Get a 90% battery charge on 1 hour of charging time.

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