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5-YEAR warranty.

Standard warranty on all parts for 2 years, + 3 additional years warranty free of charge. The warranty extension covers the main parts of your cone beam and pan unit: sensor and generator




I-MAX TOUCH Tactile & naturally intuitive panoramic imaging


Tactile & naturally intuitive panoramic imaging


Discover the simplicity and efficiency this unit can offer, alongside its universal comfort. The combination of intuitive and tactile technologies across the whole product range allows you to save precious time  in your practice.

Researched design


Thanks to its minimal footprint, the I-Max Touch will fit easily and nicely into your practice (width : 106 cm ;  depht : 127 cm). Modern and stylish, it will be an  added value to your working environment.


Patient positioning in just a few seconds


Patient positioning can be achieved in a matter of seconds by the operator using the guided light beams saving you valuable time


A unique set of programs


An intuitive set of programs allow rapid processing of high definition images.


With its 14 programs, the panoramic  version allows to produce  any clinical exams :


  • Standard adult or child  panoramic
  • Left or right semi-panoramic
  • Reduced dose panoramic
  • Bitewing mode
  • Incisive block
  • Maxillary sinus
  • Panoramic with improved orthogonality
  • TMJ open/closed mouth
  • 4 quadrants / Tomographic slices



Storage on a USB memory stick:  Data portability


The I-Max Touch memorises images without being connected to the computer. Once transferred from the control panel to a USB memory stick, the images can be imported onto any computer in the office.


User-friendly at all times


No waiting time for the patient or staff.  The diagnosis is immediate on the screen.

Network sharing and program selection


The I-Max Touch can be operated from your computer or from any workstation connected to the network (group practice).

Profitability at the end of the day


Resource sharing becomes the key to profitable practice management, whatever your configuration.


Software ergonomics


The software ergonomics have been designed for a tactile and intuitive use of all functions: program the exams using the graphical  user interface of the console and follow  the acquisition of your image in real-time. Pilot the I-Max Touch from your computer displaying a virtual console, identical to the one from the panoramic unit.

I-MAX TOUCH CEPH Cephalometry :  Module dedicated to orthodontic exams

The I-Max Touch produces cephalometric images of irreproachable quality (High-Definition), and with a significant reduction in the X-ray dose.


With the cephalometric option, benefit from 17 programs in total to acquire any diagnosis x-ray, needed for the art of dentistry :


Mobile sensor:  cephalometry in flexible  and affordable mode


The choice, depending on the use (panoramic or cephalometric), of a single sensor mode or with two sensors. Each sensor can be moved using its ergonomic handle that facilitates the transfer


I-MAX TOUCH Range :   Evolutive, simple, fast


In a blink of an eye, the panoramic unit captures detailled panoramic exams. The cephalometric option extends the capabilities from the Imax Touch / 3D by acquiring x-rays from the skull and carpus. The 3D option is « a must » and allows to obtain volumetric x-rays.

3D Ready The 2D-3D evolution


Your panoramic unit is pre-prepared to integrate the 3D module, it is the natural evolution of your unit into the I-Max Touch 3D to provide the benefit from the acquisition in three dimensions for implantology and for even more precise exams for endodontics


100% compatibility with QuickVision software


$26,990.00 Regular na Presyo
$21,490.00Sale Price