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OwandyCam HD by SoproTM


5-YEAR warranty
Standard warranty on all parts for 2 years + 3 additional years warranty free of charge
The warranty extension covers the main parts of your Owandy-Cam: optical & electronic parts.


Ergonomic design and wide angle de 105° lens


Its curved shape and ultra-slim head make for greater patient comfort and prevent injuries to the mouth.


Its 105° viewing angle sets it apart from other cameras on the market, by enabling more effective exploration of distal areas.





Set your images by simply sliding over the touch button. There’ll be no blurry images, allowing you to work with complete confidence.

The USB2 connection makes it easy to move the camera around and share it with your colleagues and partners, anywhere in your surgery!


1 year manufactures warranty


OwandyCam HD by SoproTM

$1,500.00 Regular na Presyo
$1,090.00Sale Price