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Indicator switch flips the active trigger from right to left hand firing.


OLED Display


Large bright easy to read display.


High-Capacity Battery


New Fast charge internal battery - 300-500 shots per battery charge (dependent on exposure time)!


Back-up Battery


Keep your office running even if you forget to put your MaxRay on the charger. Or if the internal battery fails!


5 Year Extended Warranty Program.  


Provides for a complimentary loaner unit shipped overnight to your office.  Unit is repaired free of charge less the graduated deductable.   Year 1 = no deductable repaired free of charge.  Year 2 = $ 100.00 deductable (Charged a maximum of $ 100.00).  Year 3 = $ 150.00 deductable (Charged a maximum of $ 150.00).   Year 4 = $ 250.00 deductable (Charged a maximum of $ 250.00).  Year 5 $ 300.00 deductable (Charged a maximum of $ 300.00).  Extended warranty must be purchased within 30 days of receipt of the unit  



Vector Maxray Mobile X-ray

$5,500.00 Regular na Presyo
$4,300.00Sale Price